Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Mission 2020: ‘Meditative Nirmalites’

We live in a very fast-paced society wherein our time is valued only for how much we can do or produce during it. It is not surprising, therefore, that most of the parents today, engage their children in a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities (i.e. tuitions, swimming, skating, sports etc.) and so much so that after homework or dinner is through, very few of our kids have time to really catch their breath before they doze off to sleep.

‘Busy schedules directing us to go, go, go and electronic devices constantly in our hands, tension and fatigue in the entire environment…’ this is true for us, as adults, so imagine children as they absorb the energy of their parents and of the environment which they live in. Then we send them off to school, where they are expected to concentrate and focus!

Dear Parents, we all love our children and want the very best for them, so why not consider teaching them a tool that can help them become more mindful, calm, loving, intelligent and better able to cope with all that is tossed into their world? MEDITATION is that beautiful tool that can empower our kids to savour the good times and manage the tough times with joy and grace.

Contrary to our society's profitable values, meditation can actually create a new sense of motivation and inner well-being in them, building up in them true self-worth and dignity for all. Imagine if our kids learn this tool in their young age and then are able to use it their entire life! What if an entire generation of children were blessed with this gift? If we can help our children to be meditative we can change the whole world -- its energy, its consciousness.

A University of California, Los Angeles study found second-and third-graders who practised meditation techniques for 30 minutes twice a week for eight weeks had improved behaviour and scored higher on tests requiring memory, attention and focus than the non-meditators.

Another study of more than 3,000 children in the San Francisco Unified School District found a dramatic improvement in Mathematics test scores and overall academic performance among students who practised a form of meditation that promoted relaxation and “an awakening” of the mind. The study also found a decrease in student suspensions, expulsions and dropout rates.

In the Year 2020, as we are all set to enter the new academic session, we, at Nirmala, firmly resolve to take up the mission of training our kids in the powerful art of ‘MEDITATION’ this yearand give our little ones the wings to fly…to give them thought to sharpen their intellects and meditation to nurture the sacred in their hearts. Thinking will help them to be successful in the world, and meditation will help them towards success in the divine.

Dear Parents, we seek your co-operation in this venture. As a family, let us provide conducive environment to our little ones to move into SILENCE. And that will only be possible, when you, as parents, also practise at least 20 minutes of daily meditation. Make this schedule compulsory in your home. You can even do away with a meal if necessary, but these 20 minutes of silence must be observed at all costs. Saint Ram Dass says, “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Let’s help our kids grow in true ‘Inner Silence’ and become joyful, serene, compassionate, caring and concerned human beings…who are ‘ASSETS’ to the Nation!

Thank You.

Sr. Rekha Punia UMI(Principal)