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Vice Principal's Message

By constant self –discipline and self–control you can develop greatness of character

Self discipline generally refers to the ability to control or restrain oneself from all kinds of feelings, impulses and desires. And one of the primary tasks of early childhood is to develop self discipline.

Young children, by nature, are impulsive but as they grow, through self discipline, they gradually learn to control this impulsiveness. A child armed with self-discipline is well equipped for addressing life’s challenges. There is a difference between being self disciplined and being obedient. The self disciplined child will complete an action, regardless of who is watching. In contrast, an obedient child may follow directions simply to please a parent, to avoid a consequence, or to receive a reward.

Self discipline is about being able to regulate one’s self. It develops with age and it is obvious that small children lack this ability that older people possess. However, as a child begins his/her schooling, parents can help by teaching the basics of self-discipline and reinforcing them by example. This will help them establish for the child the foundation of achieving success in life. The process is not easy, to the child it seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the fruit of success.

When asked by an interviewer about his passion for climbing mountains, Edmund Hillary, the first man who conquered Mt. Everest replied, “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” There has never been and never will be a great life without self discipline. People who try to gain freedom without self discipline are like a ship that has lost its rudder; it is free to sail anywhere, even onto the rocks. The rule of the sea is applicable to life as well. People who lead their lives without discipline are likened to travel in an aircraft without a pilot. It is like a ply in a bus without a driver, it is to ride a bicycle without brakes and handle. Such people are like a city with broken down walls. Most failures of modern man are attributable to a lack of Self discipline. As we, at school and home, prepare our children for life, let us inculcate in them self-discipline which will help them to grow into strong individuals capable of sailing through the ups and downs of life.

Sr. Sneha (Vice- Principal)