Vice Principal's Message

Vice Principal's Message

" We are the silver lining in any and every dark cloud we could ever find. There is no need to go looking for the light when you bring it with you." Tyler Knott Gregson

We live in scary times. Over four months the outbreak of Corona virus has been killing people at will. Covid-19 Pandemic has created panic, fear and uncertainty across the world. Writing from such a gloomy backdrop this message is a wakeup call to be alert and combat the killer by sticking to the preventive measures such as social distancing, personal-cleanliness, stay-home and lockdown put before us by the government, media and healthcare personnel. More importantly here’s an invitation to find the silver lining that shines behind the dark clouds. While the ruthless juggernaut of the Crown Virus annihilates huge chunk of humanity, it also teaches vital lessons to all who survive the scourge. Covid-19 Pandemic is a cry against humanity’s inhumanity towards fellow human beings. It’s a fatal blow that scatters the dark clouds of crimes being committed against the vulnerable of the world. It replaces the cold-blooded murder that takes place in the name of gender, religion, greed, hatred and intolerance.

It’s a strong protest against the iniquitous socio-economic world-order that perpetuates inequality and sanctions injustice. The outbreak of corona virus is a slap on the consumerist culture where impulsive buying drives people to "shop until drops". While doing so it teaches lessons of fiscal discipline that respects ’rationing and cost-efficiency’. Young children addicted to ‘fast food’ today enjoy ‘home-made’ meals and applaud mamma’s culinary skills. The ‘stay home’ dictum has given them a chance to give a helping hand in the household chores, find new hobbies, study with a sense of self-responsibility, listen to grandparents, respect and care for them. Parents, the career couples in particular, away from the humdrum of a fast-paced life, have found time for family-bonding, caring and sharing for their dear ones. Covid-19 Pandemic has drastically changed life across the globe.

If education is a two way process of discovery: of the beautiful self within and of the wide world outside, Covid-19 Pandemic has provided ample time for introspection and quiet times needed for any ‘discovery’. Through this ‘human- crisis’ the world is passing through the process of a metamorphosis, a much needed transformation for a more inclusive, just, harmonious and crime-free Post-Covid-19 World-Order. While Corona virus kills, it’s indeed a unifier, a leveller of all differences. May these testing times enable us to widen the circle of our friends, fan up our zeal to serve, raise a banner of compassion for the needy and embrace our fellow human beings as members of One Big Human Family. Let’s be generous to give ‘Change a Chance’!

With the support of you dear parents and guardians we can together achieve this dream of helping our children grow into more humane, caring, concerned, responsible and enlightened citizens of our nation and the world, as we raise them up for the glory of God and our Country.

May God be with us !

Sr. Felicia(Vice Principal)