Let me be a shadow

    Let me be a shadow in your light.

    Just a small reflection of thy greater love,

    Let me be a shadow in your light

    That falls on the lost and the lonely

    All that I have I lay at thy feet,

    No sacrifice to greater cause,

    So down on my knees, Lord I ask you please

    As the Deer Panteth
    God is good
    May we be a shining Light
    Walking With The Lord
    Walking With The Lord
    O Give Thanks to the Lord
    We shall overcome
    Keep me in the Hollow
    All things bright
    Showers of blessing
    In His Time
    Love is something you
    Butterfly Song
    We are the Flowers
    I just keep trusting my Lord
    God still loves the world
    This little guiding light of mine
    Make me a channel or your peace
    Do you want my hands Lord
    Give me oil in my lamp
    Every Person is a Gift of God
    You Shall Go Out With Joy
    This is The Day
    ऐ मालिक तेरे बन्दे हम
    इतनी शक्ति हमें देना दाता
    प्यासा हिरन जैसे
    तू दिल में है प्रभु मधुर
    तुम्हीं हो माता, पिता तुम्हीं हो
    तेरी है ज़मी
    इक तू ही भरोसा