School Uniform


Boys : White Shirt with short sleeves, Navy-Blue half/full pants, white socks, black durby plain shoes, school belt and tie.

Girls : Navy blue pleated knee length skirt (up to class V), Navy blue pleated shorts (class VI to VIII), white short sleeved blouse, white socks, ankle plain shoes, school belt, tie, blue ribbon. Salwar Suit (Classes IX to XII)


Navy blue sweater, Navy blue blazer, with school crest is compulsory for class VI and above, and Navy blue Trousers for girls from classes I to VIII.

P.T. Uniform

Boys: White shirt, white shorts, white socks, plain P. T. Shoes school belt and tie. House T-Shirts (Classes VI to XII)

Girl: White blouse, white pleated divided skirt white socks, plain P.T. Shoes, white ribbon, school belt and tie.

House T-Shirts (classes VI to VIII)

The students are expected to come in their P.T. uniform on every Saturday. White Salwar Suit IX - XII.

Dress code
  1. All students must be clean and neatly dressed in the school uniform according to season. Trousers, skirts and blazers must be of the regular pattern and colour. Baggy trousers are strictly prohibited. For uniformity and economy, deal only with the authorised dealer / tailor.
  2. Black Shoes are to be worn at all times except on Saturdays and on days when the class has games or P.T.